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공연보러온 멜로디분들 너무 고마웠어요! Terima kasih (인도네시아에서 감사합니다레여) 그리고 금방 수영하고 씻고 이제 자려고누웠어요! 빨리자야지~ 안녕히주무세요!~프니엘~

[TRANS] Thank you to all the Indonesian melodies that came to our performance today! Terima kasih! (thank you in Indonesian) also! We just swam and washed up and imma head to bed now! Good night!~Peniel~

[TRAD] Merci à toutes les melodies indonesiennes qui sont venu à notre performance aujourd’hui! Terima kasih! (merci en indonésien) aussi! Nous avons juste nager et laver et je vais aller au lit maintenant! Bonne nuit!~Peniel~

Trad anglaise : Peniel~
Trad française : Diloe @BTOBFrance